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Mumbai 200 realty projects resuming construction

23 May 2020

According to reports, as BMC announced permissions for city private real estate projects to carry out project construction before monsoon that is during lockdown, the municipal corporation approved a minimum 200 & overall 350 applications it got collected. Awaiting approvals are under study & approval will be mostly given around next week.

The BMC has given permission to start the work of constructed sites as well as under construction sites before monsoon, where their work had begin earlier in the month of march and was necessary to be stop because of lockdown.This shows that construction of retaining walls,waterproofing of terraces and exposed areas, shore piling work to protest against landslides, finishing of basements & sub-soil works etc.Still, it has not allowed for new construction or for construction work aside from before monsoon work is being inclined by the BMC.

As per BMC's report, 350 applications are received & minimum 200 proposals are approved presently. It is constant action & even pending proposals will be cleared for the ones who agree to act in accordance & follow the conditions as well.

For developers it has been made necessary by BMC that labourers to have on the site in whatever place construction work is in progress, at the same time bigger developers had labour, a lot of medium developers & small developers were unable to request for permission taking everything in mind like there is absence of labour currently.

In addition, many developers also mentioned that at the same time construction is allowed for the projects if labour is ready on the site, although travel permission for site engineers & supervisors is getting difficult due to confirmation taking the time. Additionally, BMC has announced some conditions as mentioned below:

1.Labours should wear mask

2.Medical checkup twice a week

3.Isolation facility at the site

4.Social distancing at the construction site

According to the reports, it is mentioned by some of the group directors that they have begun their work at ongoing projects in Powai, Panvel & Thane. Beyond these 3 locations, they have 3000 additional workers who have begun working. The site administration takes all the mandatory prevention steps such as disinfectant, fumigation, staggered labour spread & sanitisation as well.

At the same time, another developer said that conditions are strict, & there is no single location clearance for getting permissions.Supervisors & site engineers are facing issue for daily travel as wherever labour would be available on the site.The BMC is allowing only construction work, & not providing any travelling pass, and because of this plenty of time goes in getting permissions.

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