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Smart Real Estate Investment during lockdown

30 Mar 2020

We are finally in a never expected lockdown, due to CORONA virus. I doubt if anyone has even experienced anything like this in the last couple of decades in INDIA. March 2020, was gonna be Gudi Padwa [Hindu New Year] celebration month. Me or neither of us might have thought that we are gonna be locked in our homes during this festive season. Mumbai region is known for celebrating Gudi Padwa on a big scale, which we have missed in the year 2020.

Looking at the Internet and TV media, gives us the feel. That yes, the situation is critical and hence it has put all of us in the panic situation. Most of them are gonna just wait and listen all the time about this corona outbreak. Very few of them are actually looking to crack this as an opportunity to do something out-of-the-box. This pandemic lockdown is giving us a lesson that uncertainties can come anytime and we need to be prepared for it.

Are we planning to keep ourselves prepared for the next uncertain moment of the future? Reading the question, all will say the same. Yes, I want to get myself prepared, but how? The only answer is, to have passive income. Everyone should use this lockdown time to think and strategize to create sources of passive income. This can be used as the best time to understand multiple investment options possible or available where we can start our passive income for our family.

Many of us will start thinking about SIP, Mutual Funds, Shares etc, but not in Real Estate. But when we think of the long-run, Only Real Estate is learned to be the most reliable and high return on investment option. If we consider the conditions of banks, share market crashes and no capital appreciation. Then real estate looks safe compared to all other options.

Top reasons to invest in real estate:

  1. Better than Average returns - As per the report from National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), over the past 5 years, returns of 9.85% is seen from private market commercial real estate. Which is much better when compared to equity and bonds.

  2. Continuous Stable Income: Rent from Real Estate property is listed as one of the stable incomes sources as compared to other investments. Commercial property gives higher rental returns as compared to other high risk investments.

  3. All time in-demand: As it comes under basic human needs of food-clothing-shelter and with continuous increase in population the real estate property will always be in demand as compared to other nice-to-have things.

How to benefit from Real Estate during Lock Down?

People who were looking to buy a home or property might have delayed their decision to finalize or book it. And it's normal when we look at the economic risk of the market. But for those who are just waiting for lockdown to end to book their home, this lockdown can also turn to economically beneficial for those. How?

  1. Real estate is in high time economic crisis. So any potential customer is the best possible option to cover up the economic deficit for the builder. In this situation end customer gets an advantage to keep their terms.
  2. End users can put their best possible offer for property they are interested in, which can be an opportunity the builder may not like to loose.
  3. Builders right now will entertain all offers that comes in and try to give customers the best possible rates from their end.
  4. Already many builders like Lodha, Piramal, Kalpataru, Kanakia, Arihant, etc have dropped their property prices and even giving best offers in Home Loan interest rates to invite users on their project site.
  5. There are websites like which lets customer to submit their offer price against the builder quoted price. You can register on 3BRICK from URL and start searching for property. Buyers can put their offer price for properties listed on and try to take best advantage of the crises.



Real Estate is an all time demand asset. It falls down in the crises and emerges up at top as possible in high times as compared to other investment sectors. So people who play smart in the crisis time, get max benefit from real estate.