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Section 8

28 Mar 2020

Q1. What is Section 8?

Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937, is often called Section 8, as repeatedly amended, authorizes the payment of rental housing assistance to private landlords on behalf of less income households in the United States. Of the 5.2 million American Households that received rental assistance in 2018, approximately 1.2 million of those households received a Section 8 based voucher. 68 percent of total rental assistance in the United States goes to seniors, children, and those with disabilities. The U.S. The Department of Housing and Urban Development manages Section 8 programs.


Q2. What are maximum and minimum punishments given to employees under 1970 section 8?

1. Short title, extent, commencement and application.-

  1. This Act may be called the Contract Labour(Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970.

  2. It shall come into force on such date2 as the Central Government may, by

  3. notification in the Official Gazette, appointment and different dates may be appointed for different provisions of this Act.

  4. It extends to the whole of India.

 It applies-

  1. To every establishment in which twenty or more workmen are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding twelve months as contract labour;

  2.  To every contractor who employs or who employed on any day of the preceding twelve months twenty or more workmen:

Provided that the appropriate Government may, after giving not less than two months' notice of its intention so to do, by notification in the Official Gazette, apply the provisions of this Act to any establishment or contractor employing such number of workmen less than twenty as may be specified in the notification.

(5)(a) It shall not apply to establishments in which work only of an intermittent or casual nature is performed.

(b) If a question arises whether work performed in an establishment is of an intermittent or casual nature, the appropriate Government shall decide that question after consultation with the Central Board or, as the case may be, a State Board, and its decision shall be final.


Q3. What is the procedure of giving refinance to a Section 8 company?

Registration process of Section 8 Micro finance Company:

  •  Minimum two people required for registration of Section 8 Company.
  •  Documents Required :

  •  Latest passport size photographs of all Directors/ Promoters

  •  Copy of PAN of all Promoters/ Directors

  •  Identity Proof: Voter ID/ DL/ Passport/ Aadhar

  •  Address Proof: Bank Statement/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill (not older than 2 months)

  •  Property ownership documents of Registered office:

  •  Property Documents or

  •  Rent Agreement or Lease Deed if registered office premise is taken on rent

  •  Electricity Bill (not older than 2 months)

  •  Other documents will be drafted by professional (CS/ CA)

Q4. How can institutions teaching art benefit from Section 8 companies?

In India, a non-profit organisation can be registered as Trust by executing a Trust deed or as a Society under the Registrar of Societies, or as a private limited non profit company under Section 8 Company under the Companies Act, 2013. A Section 8 Company is the same as the popular Section 25 company under the old Companies Act, 1956, which was one of the most popular forms of Non- Profit Organisations in India. But, according to new Companies Act 2013, Section 25 (as per the old act) has now become Section 8.


Q5. How can we start a ration shop of the central government under Section 8?

Shops will be open in every village and even nearby to homes. To take the license of a PDS dealership, then you have to apply in the office of collector of your district. Under PDS shop, you have to sell kerosene oil, sugar, rice, coarse grain, wheat and other articles. PDS is a scheme which is run by the central government.


Q6. How much amount needed to be deposited for establishing a voluntary limited company under section 8?

This can be formed with a minimum capital of 1,00,000 if intends to form it as a Private Limited Company and 5,00,000 if intends to form it as a Public Limited Company. The minimum member is 2 if forming it as a Private Limited Company and 7 if forming it as a public Limited Company.

Q7. What is Section 8 appeal in excise?

Collection of duty and Levy:

Section 8 is restriction on possession of excisable goods.