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buy and rent properties and Real Estate Verified leads

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19 Mar 2020

Q1. How much is charged by brokers while you rent a flat in Delhi and Mumbai?

1 -2 months rent depending on the deal.


Q2. Can anyone be a real estate agent without a degree?

Yes anyone can be channel partner without degree.There are many CP’s who have not completed their degrees but they are now successful in their profession and to get verified leads of property buyers, they work with real estate portals like [real-estate website and android app, which provides verified leads to channel partners as well as where end users can search for property and submit their own offer price against the builders quote].


Q3. Can a chairman of the Housing Society be a real estate agent or broker?

YES. Real estate agent is a working profession. And the chairman of the housing society can be of any profession, so can be a real estate agent.


Q4. A real estate agent knows what details should be known from a buyer:

A successful real estate agent understands how to use the resources available to them. They know how to conduct research, find the target demographic for the property and showcase it appropriately to attract those buyers. They should also know how to create campaigns to increase traffic and generate higher property sales volumes. Listen to what types of marketing tools they use and discuss their techniques further after they answer.