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Godrej RKS: Success story of high priced project in Mumbai

27 Feb 2020



Godrej Properties has launched a new project which they are promoting now that is' 'Godrej RKS ''. They are promoting and marketing Godrej RKS almost on the bridges, airports as well as on social media also. Godrej is a brand so as it is expected their prices are actually bold.

Godrej is on the way for its success with good confidence and below are the details that are offered:

  • Plot size - 2.2 acres
  • No. of Flats -142

  • Size - 1,300 sq ft carpet

  • All-in price - 6 cr

  • Price / Sqft: Rs 42k /sqft for builder and Rs 46k /sqft for property buyer

Amenities are such as: Half Olympic size pool, gym, squash court, children’s play area, and multi-purpose hall.

Godrej RKS project prices are rolling out in a huge way on social media with the prices set by Godrej and they are expecting customers to pay 50% premium at the launch stage to most other projects that are ready in Chembur. The main reason for high pricing is nothing but its configuration and location.

This is the list of real estate projects of Godrej in Mumbai. is a new Real Estate Portal (real-estate website and android app, where end user can search for property and submit their own offer price against the builders quote)

You can register on 3BRICK here at :-

RKS small  3BHK measures 1,300 sq ft while other configurations are 1,500 sq ft. For launch they have initially focussed on a configuration that is geared towards 3 BHK and above and 2BHKs is also available but that is not up for sale currently.

Information provided by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) shows 25 flats of 537 sq ft carpet area as part of the 2BHK catalogue. (It is not that clear on the strategy of having huge configuration 3BHK’s and compact 2BHK’s in the same project). You can visit it only if your budget is Rs 6cr and above.

It is an alert decision of maintaining absolute positioning by keeping on hold the small flats for a later date. In this sad real estate market reactive ambition is all required.

Godrej has involved famous personalities for sales. But given prices has made property buyers not that comfortable. For this Chembur project, Godrej has engaged director Karan Johar for a social media campaign to forefront it.

Godrej should focus more on educating property buyers for value proposition too.