buy and rent properties and Real Estate Verified leads buy and rent properties and Real Estate Verified leads

Search for property and put your offer price

buy and rent properties and Real Estate Verified leads

Mumbai Real Estate: CPs role improvised

26 Feb 2020 is a real-estate Portal and Android APP. allows end users to search for property and submit their own offer price against the builder quoted price. The CP’s or sales builder can only call them, if they are OK with the offer or can give something better near to the user requirement.

3BRICK team's main focus is on generating live leads for the real-estate sector. This helps for better interaction between the property buyer and property seller.

3BRICK generates 2 types of leads:

•  Interacted Leads

•  Verified Leads


Users who interact on 3BRICK website or 3BRICK Android APP.

For example registered users who interacted by clicking below:

•   Requested for Call back

•   Submitted Offer

•   Scheduled Appointment

•   Requested All-inclusive-price

•    Checked Brochure

•    Checked Video



Our team does project based campaigns on FB & Google and other social media platforms.

Users who show interest are connected by our backend team and verified with their interest, property location & budget.

Only verified users are published in the 3BRICK verified leads section.

 As per the report, the interaction between the CPs and Property buyers has decreased from 14% in 2018 to 11% currently. Moreover, the report says that more than 30% people prefer to find a house through peers, friends and relatives, around 25% to 50% through real estate websites and Apps. This has led to a loss of more than 1000cr for CP business in brokerage in 2019 across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Vijay Jamdar [Business Head,], says. "We need to move this on the positive side as prices of properties are stagnant for the last few years and the interest rates on home loans are at all time low, which can be driving factors to promote home buying in 2020. As ready-to-move properties are on high demand. And property buyers eventually make a decision, they check real estate mediums for information. An online real estate portal like gives a lot of options like to filter properties by [Type, Location, Project site visit Pickup-Drop facility, Food Preference, etc] and the buyer can filter their requirement accordingly. The most important feature that 3BRICK offers is. It allows users to submit their own offer price against the builder quoted price.

As per team, if a buyer is looking for property in Thane, he can just filter the desired location, select the property budget and he will see a list of properties, which is difficult when he physically checks for a property. Also, the CPs would only make him visit those projects in which they might see bigger profit share. In such cases, the property buyer will have less options to choose from. This will be prevented while you are searching for property on website.

Besides this, the good water supply and better proximity to public transport are the most important factors while buying  a home in mumbai. More than 75% people consider water supply as the most important factor and around 50% people check for better public transport while searching for home. On the other hand, more than 50% of people check the availability of car parking in the property premise. has improved the way of working for real estate channel partners. Instead of going for bulk calling and bulk messaging. They prefer to check interacted leads or verified leads as per the project they are working on. has improved the entire process of end-to-end solutions that CP’s do from sourcing to closing the deal. (real-estate website and android app, where end user can search for property and submit their own offer price against the builders quote)

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