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Donald Trump INDIA Visit: Real-estate drive

25 Feb 2020

Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon turned politician, by involvement of US govt worth Rs 750 cr he would get a real estate deal, which has got stuck for a duration of  5 years due to an apparent overlimit by the IDM [Indian defence ministry] and the Maharashtra state government, and their bureaucratic disagreement.

Lincoln House is in the news, which is a 2 acre plot in the Breach Candy area of Mumbai, and has been occupied by the US Consulate since 1957.  But for bigger office space, the US Consulate moved to the Bandra-Kurla Complex. But the issues with the old office land deal continues. A senior official in the Mumbai collector’s office, who did not want to be named, said the file is currently pending in their office.

They have connected with the defence ministry about two months back to submit papers related to the land, which they claim belongs to them.

As its high-profile stakeholders case, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray will be involved in the final decision.

The Maharashtra state government has objected to the transaction related to lands as it violates the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code (MLRC), 1966.

The MLRC was amended in 2016 and a new proviso was added to Section 295, which deals with the disposal of land whose ownership vests with the state.

Since 1-August-1967, when the MLRC came into force, these amendments were applied.

As per govt sources, US Consulate objects on applying it for the land deal that took place in 2015, a year before passing the amendment.

The Mumbai High Court had on 31 May 2018, upheld that Section 295 was to be made effective with retrospective effect.

Government sources say that key points to be discussed between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trump, and look for major breakthroughs in mumbai real estate.