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Affordable Housing Projects - State govt demands MHADA to partner Private builders.

10 Feb 2020

The Maharashtra government aims state’s housing body should be partner private developers to build budget properties.

MHADA is about to pick up equity in these projects and make easy and fast approval to provide strong support.

According to business team, it is a good solution and would be helpful for stakeholders involved and including property buyers. (real-estate website and android app, where end users can search for property and submit their own offer price against the builders quote) try to list maximum legal points for the real-estate sector.

You can register on 3BRICK here at:-

So, it would be a better opportunity for developers to work with MHADA, and if private developers are added it will result in good ability and design. To get more trustworthiness for projects, MHADA should get involved and property buyers will also get confidence as the government agency is connected.

It is planned by the state government to cut out parts which are not in use like special economic zone land near Mumbai India’s costliest property market and it should be in use for housing projects said by the minister. This plan was introduced by the state govt of Maharashtra State Housing Policy & Action Plan, 2015. Even so, this draft policy was not suggested as a bill in the assembly still we are planning to move it ahead.